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Company Tour

Welcome to visit Jiaoyang Online

1) Please use IE Kernel Internet Explorer, and enter an IP Address into the Address Bar: http://see.jiaoyang.net
2) When the login screen appears, please enter the account ID: "jy", and the password: "jy7063097", then click the "Login" button.
3) After the first successful login, information is displayed: "Please click here to download the plug-in, and close the browser when installing". Please click the link and download the browser control (WebComponents.exe), and close the browser for Browser Control Installation.
4) After successful login, click the button "Start full preview" on the lower toolbar of the interface, then you can visit through the camera, and also can double-click to zoom through one of the cameras.
5) Available visiting time: 9: 00-17: 00 Time in China
6) Only the first visit needs to install the browser control.

Jiaoyang has established advanced and modern facilities for producing good quality mesh machines. Our company is often visited by a wide range of customers who want to know more about our products and manufacturing processes.

  • Gate
  • Office building hall
  • Reception area
  • R&D Department
  • Design Department
  • Foreign Trade Department
  • Meeting room
  • CNC Processing Center
  • Raw materials warehouse
  • Assembly workshop
  • Finished products warehouse
  • Delivery

Hebei Jiaoyang Wire Mesh Machine Co., Ltd.

Add.: No.28, Weier Road, Eastern Industrial Zone,
Anping County,Hebei Province, China
Tel.: +86-318-7063110