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Custom Designed Welding Machine

    1. Animal Cage Door Welding Machine Cage Door Welder / Cage Line / Cage Welder
      This is a welding production line for animal cage doors that can be customized according to customer requirements. The cage door welder can produce upward sliding doors, horizontal sliding doors, and spring doors for animal cages.
    1. Animal Cage Welded Wire Mesh Machine Diagonal Wire Welder / Cage Welder / Wire Welder
      Cylinder pressure is used during operation with the welding machine for animal cage diagonal wire. It greatly increases the production efficiency compared to manual welding.
    1. Anti-Dust Welded Wire Mesh MachineDustless Welder / Mesh Welder / Clean Welder
      The anti-dust mesh welding machine can reach a welding speed of 70 times/minute. The dustless welder is suitable for operation in various mesh production lines.