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Welded Wire Mesh

    1. Reinforcing Welded Wire MeshReinforcement Wire / Steel Mesh / Steel Reinforcement
      Reinforcing mesh is made up of welded steel bars arranged to maximize its strength. The finished mesh can be surrounded by concrete, where at acts as an internal skeleton, adding strength to the structure as a whole.
    1. Mining Support Mesh, Welded Wire MeshTimbering Mesh / Safety Mesh / Reinforcement Mesh
      Mine mesh or timbering mesh is welded together using high quality steel that has been cold-drawn to increase its tensile strength. Our safety mesh can be used for coal mining ceiling applications, helping prevent accidents and reducing costs.
    1. Anti-Climb Welded Wire Fence PanelSafety Fence / Anti-Intruder Fencing / Security Fencing
      Our anti-climbing fences have small openings (less than 30mm), making it difficult to climb and cut through, and effectively deterring intruders. The security fencing combined with razor wire is an excellent way to protect your property.
    1. Double Welded Wire Fence Weldmesh Fencing / Mesh Fence Panels / Metal Security Fence
      The double cross wires of the twin wire mesh fence are made from high quality steel and are welded together to create a strong and durable mesh fence panel.
    1. Cold Rolled Steel RebarReinforcement Bar / Concrete Reinforcement / Cold Rolled Rod
      Cold rolled ribbed rebar is used as reinforcement bar in many different concrete structures. The cold rolled rod is used because it is strong yet flexible in order to support massive concrete installations.