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Welded Wire Mesh, Type I Mesh Fence Making Machine

  •  Welded Wire Mesh, Type I Mesh Fence Making Machine
  •  Welded Wire Mesh, Type I Mesh Fence Making Machine
  •  Welded Wire Mesh, Type I Mesh Fence Making Machine
Introduction and Application:

1. The Type I mesh fence making machine is our most recently developed product. It is compact in structure, easy to operate and with complete functions. This can help to greatly improve the production efficiency.
2. This machine is mainly used for the production of bilateral fence. Upon request we provide customization service.

Line wire diameter 5-8mm
Cross wire diameter 4-6mm
Line wire space ≥150mm
Cross wire space 50mm、75mm
Line wire length ≤3.5m
Cross wire length ≤2.5m
Width of mesh 0.63m-2.5m
Welding electrodes 16 pieces
Welding speed 80 t/min.
The installed capacity of the welding transformer 8×125KVA

1. Both line and cross wires are fed from pre-cut wires. Line wires are sent by labor and fed automatically while cross wires are added and fallen automatically from the hopper. Our machine adopts servo motor to pull the mesh repeatedly. Operators could prepare the wires when the welding and drawing process is conducted. This contributes to an increase in production efficiency.
2. The line-wire tube is designed with upper and lower layers. A small cart is used to send the orderly-arranged line wires to the lower electrode of the welding unit. The wire tube is telescopic according to the length of the line wire.
3. Cross wires are stored in an extra hopper and fed by another hopper.
4. The mesh is pushed to the mesh support device after the welding is completed.
5. The module can grab the mesh sheets on the mesh support platform and then send these mesh sheets to the specified location.

The Company Advantage

1. Our company can help customers diagnose and fix the mesh welding equipment remotely through the configuration of in-house developed remote modules.
2. Our design and R&D team which consists of more than 20 employees can quickly develop and customize the welding equipment upon request.
3. The company offers one-stop service and a comprehensive range of product solutions for industries like building, fencing, cultivation and so forth.
4. Customers can visit the factory directly or online. The company's website has four cameras open to the outside world. With these cameras, you can directly watch the factory, processing area and assembly area.

JIAOYANG Development Purpose: with its strong R&D capability, advanced manufacturing technology and modern management tools to create a good brand, leading the rapid development of the wire mesh welding machine industry, to pursue more aggressive development goals in a transcendent way of thinking, and strive to become a global leader in smart wire mesh welding equipment manufacturing.

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