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Brick Force Welded Wire Mesh Making Machine

  •  Brick Force Welded Wire Mesh Making Machine
  •  Brick Force Welded Wire Mesh Making Machine
  •  Brick Force Welded Wire Mesh Making Machine
Introduction and Application of the Brick Mesh Welding Machine

1. It is mainly used to produce brick meshes.
2. The brick mesh is an ideal auxiliary building material which can be widely used for construction, hollow wall reinforcement, elasticity increase and wall crack prevention.
3. The brick mesh can be applied in foundation, wall and other places where the strength and stability are highly demanded. It is also applied on the local stress where it is reinforced in the brick and the block.
4. During the brick and block reinforcement project, the brick mesh is used in every key point of the cement mortar, so that the brick and cement mortar form an indivisible whole. This leads to maximum absorption stress and vibration, as well as excellent anti-crack performance.

Model Brick mesh welding machine
Max. mesh width 550 mm
Number of electrodes 4 pieces
Wire diameter 2.5mm
Line wire space 50-230mm
Cross wire space ≥20mm
Rebar material Carbon content ≤ 0.2%, tensile strength ≤ 550 MPa of low-carbon steel wire
Welding speed 60t/min
Transformer capacity 36KVA
Pressurized way Pneumatic pressurization
Welding way Thyristor synchronous control resistance welding
Mesh forming way Automatic coil wire, two volumes in one time
Control system PLC control
Note: The above technical parameters can be customized according to customer requirements.

1. The automatic brick mesh welding machine is a new research and development project designed for some countries in Africa.
2. It has realized a fully automatic production process from coil feeding and double workstation welding to the automatic centerless grinding process.
3. The welding system is mainly composed of servo-driven cross wire feeding system, servo-driven line wire feeding system and welding system. It is compactly structured with small footprint. The degree of automation is high.
4. The mesh rolling system is composed of multiple units which perform tensioning, guiding, rolling, cutting and rewinding on mesh sheets. This helps to improve the working efficiency significantly and eliminate the need to manually cut and rewind the mesh in the event of power failure previously.
5. The payoff reel has a coil bearing capacity of up to 500kg.
6. Lead frame is a kind of coil feeding and guiding device. It comes with a branch guide wheel which helps to prevent the phenomenon of wire dislocation. It is also equipped with a feed detector which can detect lack of wire or overload conditions, thus ensuring the welding machine works properly.

Manufacturing process:

1. Payoff reel
2. Lead frame
3. Welding system
4. Coiling device

Company Strengths

1. According to the requirements of customers, our company can realize the remote diagnosis and repair of mesh welding equipment through the configuration of in-house developed remote modules.
2. Our design and R&D team of more than 20 persons can customize the welding equipment in a fast manner.
3. The company offers one-stop service and a comprehensive line of product solutions for industries like building, fencing, aquaculture and so forth.
4. Customers can visit the factory directly or online. The company's website has four cameras open to the outside world, with which you can directly watch the factory, processing area and assembly area.

JIAOYANG Development Purpose: with its strong R&D capability, advanced manufacturing technology and modern management tools to create a highly-reputed brand, leading the rapid development of the wire mesh welding machine industry; to pursue more aggressive development goals in a transcendent way of thinking, and strive to become a global leader in smart wire mesh welding equipment manufacturing.

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