About Jiaoyang Wire Mesh Machine Co., Ltd

Here at Jiaoyang we are passionate about our machinery. We produce wire mesh production equipment and that includes a wide range of welding machinery, wire rolling machines and cold rolling mills to name a few. Our machinery is carefully engineered to achieve high levels of production quality as well as efficiency. We do business in more than 72 countries around the world, helping our customers to produce some of the finest quality fences, cages and other wire mesh products. We produce thousands of sets of equipment each year and we are constantly working to improve on our efficiency and customer satisfaction. DETAILS

    1. Construction Welded Wire Mesh Making Machine 1. The main structure of the welding machine utilizes a motor driven, spring weighted design, minimizing operating costs.
      2. Cross wires are pre-straightened and cut while line wires are fed from coils.
      3. The welding function of the machine is PLC controlled for maximum precision, allowing for continuous production of wire mesh sheets or rolls.
    1. Welded Wire Mesh Making Machine 1. The welded wire mesh making machine pertains to construction machinery. It is compact in structure, easy to operate and with complete functions.
      2. This machine is mainly used to produce welded wire mesh, underfloor heating mesh, building mesh, aquaculture mesh and so forth.
    1. Brick Force Welded Wire Mesh Making Machine 1. It is mainly used to produce brick meshes.
      2. The brick mesh is an ideal auxiliary building material which can be widely used for construction, hollow wall reinforcement, elasticity increase and wall crack prevention.
    1. Steel Rebar Straightening Cutting Machine The core components of the high-speed steel rebar straightening cutting machine works with cut-to-length system and pneumatic clutch control, which results in high cutting speed and little damage to the rebar. The use of soft starter and other cutting-edge devices makes this machine ergonomically designed and easy to operate.
    1. Welded Wire Mesh, Type II Mesh Fence Making Machine The Type II mesh fence making machine is mainly used to produce fence mesh and mine timbering mesh. Fence mesh is widely used in our daily life since it is beautiful and practical. Mine timbering mesh is used in tunnel and coal mine for safety and protection.

Production Process

  • Warehouse of raw materials
  • Cutting process
  • Bending machine
  • Welding process
  • CNC machining center
  • Wire cutting
  • Tapping machine
  • Assemblage